From the beginning of next year, the business name of the law firm Havel, Holásek & Partners changes to HAVEL & PARTNERS

The largest Czech-Slovak law firm Havel, Holásek & Partners will change its business name. As of 1 January 2018, it will be rebranded to HAVEL & PARTNERS and will be registered in the public register under the business name HAVEL & PARTNERS s.r.o., advokátní kancelář. This was unanimously decided by the firm’s general meeting.

“A decision to rebrand the business name is a response to the fact that Jan Holásek, who founded the firm together with us in 2001, resigned from his position as a partner at the end of 2014. The new name thus better reflects the actual situation of the functioning of our firm which is managed by Jaroslav Havel together with other partners responsible for the development of individual legal teams,” says Robert Nešpůrek, a firm’s partner and one of its five founders, to the main reasons for simplifying the firm’s name.

The firm currently has 26 partners, a half of whom is at the same time its shareholders. The growth of the number of partners and the emphasis on their share in the management of the firm was reflected in the business name as early as in 2011, when it was rebranded from the original name Havel & Holásek to the current name Havel, Holásek & Partners.

“By the new name composed of the founding and managing partner’s surname, which remains, supplemented with “PARTNERS”, we want to declare, among other things, the internal integrity and collectiveness of our firm, which benefits in particular from the mutual cooperation of all partners and their teams, and which also has a stable strong leadership under which it has achieved its success and growth. We also see the current rebranding as a new impulse and opportunity to further increase awareness of our brand and services. The change will take place in an evolutionary way and in such a way so as to maintain our existing visual identity as much as possible,” specifies Robert Nešpůrek.

Starting from 1 January 2018, the names Akademie Havel, Holásek & Partners (Havel, Holásek & Partners Academy) and Nadácie Havel, Holásek & Partners (Havel, Holásek & Partners Foundation) will also be changed.

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