Havel, Holásek & Partners awarded as law firm with best work environment in the Czech Republic

Havel, Holásek & Partners was awarded in the first year of the competition Offices of the Year which aims at awarding firms investing in quality work environment. A professional jury composed of leading  experts in the field of architecture, design, office equipment and HR assessed office interiors in nine categories in terms of exceptionality and design, innovation, overall atmosphere, and, in the first place, quality of work environment for employees. Havel, Holásek & Partners won first prize in the “law firms” category.    


“We find it very important for our clients, but also for our colleagues who spend a substantial part of the working day in the office to feel there as good as possible. In 2014, our Prague office moved to Florentinum, a modern administrative building of recognised architectonical value in which we had the opportunity to adopt the interior of two leased floors according to our ideas. We chose a modern and original design that is not provocative in line with the spirit of our profession, and which gives our employees and clients a spacious and pleasant feeling. We are also promoting similar attitudes in our Brno and Bratislava offices,says the firm’s managing partner Jaroslav Havel on the philosophy of its interiors. In 2015, the firm’s Brno branch moved to the modern administrative complex Titanium located in the city centre; the Slovak office will change its address in the middle of the year after it moves to exclusive administrative premises in the new attractive city quarter Zuckermandel, beneath the Bratislava castle attached to the historical heart of the city.    

Apart from Havel, Holásek & Partners other eight leading companies such as Avast, Kiwi.com or Leo Burnett also received awards. “The high quality of the candidates’ offices in the first year of the competition showed that the standard of work environment in the Czech Republic is quickly improving hand in hand with the firms’ battle for talents. Over the last year, we have seen considerable interest from firms in investing in work environment and hence the satisfaction of their people. Leaders of the firms which won the individual categories have made great efforts in creating something exceptional and in many cases they spent a great amount of time beyond the scope of their duties,” says Radek Procházka, a managing partner of Procházka & Partners, a firm which organised the Offices of the Year awards.

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