More internal promotions at Havel, Holásek & Partners: Ivan Rámeš and Jan Diblík appointed new partners, Adéla Havlová becomes a co-owner

The largest Czech-Slovak law firm Havel, Holásek & Partners increased its number of equity partners on 1 January 2017. Partner Adéla Havlová has become the thirteenth shareholder. In addition, two senior associates – Ivan Rámeš and Jan Diblík – were promoted to partner. Havel, Holásek & Partners currently has 25 partners, 13 of whom are also shareholders. 

“Last year we celebrated our 15th anniversary last year and strengthened our leading position in the legal market. For many years, Adéla, Ivan and Jan have made major contributions to our excellent results. Their further career advancement is an expression of our trust and will to get them engaged in the highest-levels of management. In general, this also confirms our approach to internal promotion, that allows each skilful and hard-working lawyer to become a member of the firm’s management and have direct control over its direction”, says the managing partner, Jaroslav Havel, regarding the promotions.  

altAdéla Havlová became a partner in 2009 and has now been promoted a shareholder. During the 12 years spent at Havel, Holásek & Partners, she has become a leading expert in public procurement who is highly regarded in professional circles. Along with other partners, Adéla is currently the head of the public sector practice group, and also responsible for legal services provided to German-speaking clients. 

altIvan Rámeš joined Havel, Holásek & Partners as a student and started his 11th year in the law firm as a partner. Ivan’s main focus is on intellectual property, information technology and the retail sector. His more detailed specialisation includes franchising, distribution agreements and other customer-supplier relationships. 


altJan Diblík joined the law firm 4 years ago as a member of the IP/IT and commercial team. Jan specialises in information technology, telecoms and media law, complex obligations and intellectual property.   



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