František Korbel receives outstanding achievement award in architecture for the Prague Building Code

František Korbellong-term legislative deputy for several ministers of justice, member of the Government Legislative Council, and partner of the largest Czech-Slovak law firm Havel, Holásek & Partners, was awarded as one of the collective authors for his Outstanding Achievement in architecture for 2016 in the first year of the Czech Architecture AwardsThe organiser of the award, the Czech Architecture Chamber, and its expert board evaluated the new legislation, the Prague Building Code, as an extraordinary attempt to significantly improve building and public spaces in Prague. 

alt“The Prague Building Code is a complex set of urban and architectural principles that should regulate all construction and planning in Prague according to the model used in Vienna or Berlin, i.e. cities that have the highest quality of life indices. We are very pleased that the new legislation has been acknowledged by the professional public as a modern urban solution that should help elevate Prague to the status of a modern European city,” František Korbel explains in relation to the award of the collective of authors. In addition to František, the architects Pavel Hnilička, Filip Tittl, and David Tichý, building engineer Renata Králová-Pintová, and lawyer Eva Faltusová have contributed to preparation and adoption of the legislation.

The Prague City Council approved the Prague Building Code on 27 May 2016, and on 1 August 2016, it came into effective as Decree no. 10/2016 Sb. of the City of Prague, which establishes the general requirements for utilising land and the technical requirements for construction in Prague. The objective of the new legislation is to ensure the balanced development of Prague, to set out the requirements for new structures, to support the development of ecological transportation, to contribute to quality services for citizens, and to protect the environment.     



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